Wenbin Zeng,PhD

Director of the Molecular Probe Laboratory
Molecular Imaging Research Center of Central South University
Address: School of Pharmaceutical Science
Central South University
Changsha, China, 410013

Email: wbzeng@hotmail.com

      Wenbin Zeng, PhD, joined Central South University in February 2009 as a full professor of Medicine and Chemistry. He obtained his B.A. in Chemistry from Jilin University (1998), M.S. from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS (2001) and PhD from the University of Muenster, Germany (2004). After a postdoctoral training on the drug development in University of Missouri-Columbia, he worked on the design and development of biomarkers and tracers for molecular imaging in the molecular imaging and translation research program in University of Tennessee directed by the PET-CT innovator Dr. D Townsend. Since February 2009 Dr Zeng has worked at Central South University as a Shenghua Scholar.

      The research of the Zeng group is focused on the design and synthesis of multimodal molecular imaging probe platforms for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. These probes and agents are developed to visualize specific molecular targets and pathways in live cells, tissues and organism (from mouse to human). The specific aim is to 1) design and synthesize new imaging probes/agents, 2) develop and use novel amplification schemes for the development of the next generation imaging probes, 3) optimize pharmacokinetics and ‘imagability’, 4) efficiently synthesizes and produces complex and diverse molecules, and tests their ability as imaging agents. To design and synthesis the next generation of imaging probes/agents for MR, PET and SPECT, and optical imaging is the core mandate of our research lab. Particularly, Zeng is interested in developing novel nanoagents, combined by fluorescent and magnetic resonance imaging modalities on a particulate scaffold, as MR contrast agents.
Molecular Imageing Research Center(MIRC)