Brief Introduction of The Laboratory

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State Key Laboratory for Powder Metallurgy is attached to Central South University. Preparation for its construction were started in June, 1989. The completed project was checked and accepted by the government in October, 1995. As the national synthetical bases for Powder Metallurgy scientific research and technological development?academic exchange and cooperation, and for education of high-level P/M talents, aiming at the national defense construction and national economy, the laboratory mainly undertakes P/M fundamental and applied basic research as well as the research and development of P/M new technology and materials. 

The academic committee consists of : 19 famous specialists

The advisor: Prof. Huang peiyun (member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

The chairman: Zuo Tieyong (menber of the the Chinese Academy of Engineering)

The vice-chairmen: Profs.Huang Baiyun (menber of the the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Ma Fuka, and Niu Yinjian.

The director of the laboratory: Prof. Huang Baiyun (menber of the the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

The permanent personnel consists of 24 persons including : 6 supervisors for the graduate students of the doctoral program, 17 professors,6 associate professors 10 Ph.D. candidates.

(Middle-aged and young persons constitute: 60 %)

(All of them are the experts and academic core members of material subject in PMRI and CSU)

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